What is videopt.com?

I'm Dr. Kari Brown, and VideoPT is my site dedicated to improving runners' performance, injury prevention, or injury recovery. I know running, and I know gait, and I hope the information on my site helps you with yours.

Running Pain?

The body and a runner's stride are extremely complicated mechanisms, and with repetitive running motion, over time the slightest misalignment can cause serious inefficiencies, pain or even chronic injury. Pain and injury can lead to additional compensating misalignment and injuries, frustration, or even (gasp!) abandonment of running all together - and we love running so we certainly don't want that!

Let the Experts Fix Your Running Pain!

By watching the slow motion video running analysis, Dr. Brown or other trained physical therapists can quickly utilize their specialized expertise to analyze the intricacies of your specific gait and steer you down a path towards recovery and running pain free again.